Fast Track ATPL Modular Course

Fast Track Modular Course

If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, this approach allows you to go from Zero experience to Frozen ATPL, but enables you to set the pace. This is a popular choice for students who want to alternate between training and part - or full-time employment. You can also simply take individual courses, such as the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), subject to meeting the course pre-requisites. We also allow students to pay for each module on a ''Pay as you Go basis'
Students following the modular route complete several individual courses until they achieve all qualifications, licences and ratings for their Frozen ATPL, which enables them to apply for a First Officer position at a commercial airline. The duration depends on the individual’s pace.
As a guide, students on full-time attendance generally complete within 14 months.
Module 1 – EASA Private Pilots Licence - 45 Hours - C152
Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training. This includes 45 hours of
flight training in a Cessna 152 aircraft of which 25 hours
(minimum) is flown with an instructor and 10 hours solo.
Module 2 – Night Rating - 5 Hours - C152
After completing the PPL the student will complete a 5 hour
Night Rating entitling them to fly with passengers at night.
Module 3 – Hour Building - 110 Hours - C152
After achieving a PPL the student will embark upon a course of
hour building in a Cessna C152 aircraft which will provide new
challenges and further develop their skills in solo flying.
(110 Hours Pilot In Command)
Module 4 – ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Ground School
Distance Learning ATPL Ground Training is delivered by
UK-based (P2P) It is a flexible and personalised
course lasting from 8 to 12 months, so you can fit your studying
around your other commitments. Your individual study plan will
be agreed with you in advance. Module 4 can be upgraded to
full-time residential classroom based over a period of 6 months.
Module 2, 3, and 4 are normally completed along side
one another.

There are 14 ATPL examinations you will need to pass:
- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Mass and Balance
- Instrumentation
- Performance
- Principles of Flight
- Human Performance and Limitations
- Flight Planning and Monitoring
- Operational Procedures
- General Navigation
- Radio Navigation
- Meteorology
- Air Law
- VFR and IFR Communications 

Module 5 – Multi Engine Piston Rating (MEP) -
6 Hours PA34 Seneca II or DA42 Twinstar
An introduction to flying a twin engine piston aircraft. The course
consists of 7 hours of ground school and 6 hours flying in the
aircraft with an instructor. Typically the MEP skills test is carried
out when one third of the way through the multi engine instrument
rating which gives the student additional time on the aircraft to
gain experience and confidence.

Module 6 – Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME / IR) -
40 Hours FNPTII + 18 Hours PA34 Seneca II or DA42 Twinstar
This course commences in the Flight Navigation Procedures
Trainer II (FNPTII) simulator and then progresses onto our multi
engine Piper Seneca aircraft or DA42. The course comprises of
40 hrs instruction in the simulator and 18 hours flight training.
The techniques required for precision flying on instruments
will be comprehensively covered. Upon successful completion
of the course you will be required to conduct the IR Skills Test
with a CAA examiner.
Module 7 – Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) - 15 Hours
As a result of successful completion of the ATPL examinations
and the Instrument Rating the student will undergo 15 hours of
flight training leading to the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) Skill
Test flown with a CAA Examiner. This course is flown exclusively
on our complex single engined Piper PA28 Arrow aircraft. On
successful completion of all modules and application to the relevant
authorities you will hold the following licences and total hours.
- EASA Private Pilots Licence, Night Rating, Hour Building,
ATPL distance learning, Multi-Engine rating, Commercial Pilots Licence
and Instrument Rating.

- 206 Hours Total Time including all Skills Tests and 121 Hours
Pilot in Command plus 40 Hours Simulator time.
- Course fee £47,240
- 6 Month ATPL residential course upgrade, Pathway £3,000
- ME/IR DA42 Twinstar Upgrade £600
This price is based on the student completing each module in the
minimum required course hours and includes aircraft hire for CAA
skills tests, approach fees and VAT.
Course fee excludes
- CAA Medical
- ATPL Written Exams
- Accommodation
- Licence Issue Fee and R/T Practicial Exam

Flexible Payment Terms are available.
Training Modules can be upgraded to 4 seater aircraft.
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