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5 Day PPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course

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5 Day PPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course, including exams and course notes.

This course has been designed to help private pilots achieve the highest standard in their PPL exams. This is a 5 day course running Monday to Friday, with the exams being taken after each tuition day or the morning after the relevant subject. Our courses are delivered by talented and enthusiastic instructors, with a wealth of experience, who will make sure they work with you to get through your exams.

There are 9 subjects in the PPL syllabus.
- Air Law
- Operational Procedures
- Meteorology
- Principles of Flight
- Navigation
- Communications
- Human Performance and Limitations
- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Flight Performance and Planning

On completion of your first exam pass, all the remaining exams must be completed within 18 months. Once all exams have been completed they will remain valid for 24 months. All PPL exams must be completed prior to undertaking the PPL skills test.

What’s included
- 5 day course at ACS Flight Training, Perth Airport
- Pooleys PPL starter pack including all PPL manuals, CRP1
- Computer, VFR chart and a flight bag
- All 9 CAA exams - First attempt
- Course fee excludes R/T Practical Exam

The cost of the course is £795 including a Pooleys Study Equipment Kit. Cost without Pooleys Kit is £600. £100 discount for existing PPL students that hold a valid ACS Flight Training membership. Attendees MUST be available for an induction day prior to the course.

Book your place by purchasing online, or contact us for more information.

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