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ACS Aviation Flying Scholarship

Following on from the successful launch of the 2020 flying scholarship, ACS Aviation has announced they will be running the scholarship for a fifth year in 2024, adding to the schools well-established and highly successful Flight Instructor Sponsorship Program. As air travel and airline recruitment has returned to normal since COVID19, there is no better time to commence training towards becoming a commercial airline pilot! The scholarship is also supported by Bose Aviation!

The winners of the ACS Aviation scholarship will receive 10 hours of flight training towards a Private Pilots Licence, 12 months membership and a Bose A30 aviation headset. ACS Aviation will grant scholarships with the aim of supporting individuals who might otherwise not have the necessary resources to gain flying experience and ultimately achieve their Private Pilots Licence (PPL).
The scholarship will allow students to progress onto a variety of professional roles within the aviation industry such as commercial airline pilot.

We are thrilled to be running the scholarship awards for a forth year! These help young men and woman take important steps toward reaching their aviation goals, A special thanks also to our training partners and sponsors for supporting us with the Pilot Careers and Flight Training Seminar - Glasgow 2023.

Louise Ewart, Director of ACS Aviation

Pilot Careers and Flight Training Seminar - Glasgow 2024

Who should attend?

  • ACS Aviation Scholarship Applicants
  • Anyone interested in a career in aviation
  • Military Pilots or Ex-Military Pilots
  • Those who are completing professional training
  • Cadets interested to learn more about MCC/JOC
  • Those considering making an exciting career change

Applicants must attend the Pilot Careers and Flight Training Seminar - Glasgow 2024 as the awards will be announced at this event on Saturday 23rd March 2024

Early Bird Event Tickets NOW AVAILABLE

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