Multi Engine Flight Instructor Course

Multi Engine Flight Instructor Course

Flight Instructors wishing to give instruction in multi-engine aeroplanes shall complete the Flight Instructor Multi Engine Instructor Rating

An applicant for a FI certificate for multi-engine aeroplanes shall:

- hold at least the licence and the rating for which flight instruction is to be given
- be entitled to act as PIC on the aircraft during flight instruction
- have flown at least 500 hours flight time as pilot of aeroplanes
- have flown at least 30 hours as PIC on the applicable type or class of aeroplane



Course Breakdown

Ground Training

10 hours of technical training including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom/simulator instructional skills

Flight Training

5 hours of flight instruction on multi-engine aeroplanes or an FSTD representing that class or type of aeroplane, including at least 3 hours on the aeroplanes

Assessment of Competence

On successful completion of the training a recommendation will be made for the applicant to complete the assessment of competence. This must be carried out within 6 months of completion of the training. Failure to do so will result in the need for extra training. The assessment of competence will be conducted by an FIE.
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