Meet the Team

Graeme Frater - Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of the parent company and CEO of ACS Aviation with over 24 years experience within the industry. Graeme has developed excellent working relationships with key companies over the years and has experience working with several airlines and ATO's throughout the UK and Europe. Graeme is responsible for the day to day operation of the entire business and responsible for ensuring safety is the number one priorty.

Craig McDonald - Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder of the parent company, Cloud Global Group, Craig offers a wealth of knowledge with almost 20 years experience in the aviation industry. Craig's background is in aircraft maintenance, MRO management and he is also a commercial airline pilot. Craig is responsible for all technical and engineering services including business development, projects, acquisitions, leasing, training and recruitment.

Louise Ewart - Sales Director

Louise Ewart has a background in the travel services industry and airline management. Louise has managed teams of specialist consultants and overseen group sales and the teams delivery of strategic products. Louise works with the senior management at ACS and is responsible for sales and marketing. 

Philip Morritt - Head of Training

Philip Morritt has been instructing in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years. As well as teaching students undertaking the PPL, CPL MEP, IR and Flight Instructor courses he has also flown as an air taxi pilot. Philip has years of experience and has been involved in Commercial Air Operations and is also the Safety Manager. 

Andrew McMillen - Chief Flight Instructor - PPL

Andrew McMillen has has been instructing since 1995 and holds EASA, FAA and Hong Kong flight instructor qualifications. Andrew has also instructed pilots in Germany, Hong Kong and the US.

Ian Weinstein - Commercial Instructor

Ian started his flying career in 1978 and progressed to Owner and Chief Flight Instructor at Halfpenny Green Flight Centre until 1999. For the last 12 years Ian has been a CPL, MEP, and IR Instructor with over 14000hr experience. Ian is a Flight Examiner for PPL, CPL, IR(R), IRE (initial IRT and Re validation/Renewals).

Christopher Barrow - Instructor

After completing his PPL in Annecy, France, Chris then did his Commercial Pilots Licence at Dundee. He then flew a variety of light aircraft around mountain airports in the French alps, Italy & Switzerland, including tourist flights around Mont Blanc, before relocating from France to Perth to take up a role as a flying instructor. Chris is also our resident ground examiner.

Julian Nicolls - Instructor

Julian has worked as a flight instructor since 2002 at a broad variety of airfields, from grass strips, regional airports, international airports and military bases. His instructing covers modular PPL training, Night Rating Instruction, IR(R) Training and CPL training.

Brad Marriot - Instructor

After learning to fly at Biggin Hill in 2016 Brad traded in London’s city skyline and their busy airspace for the views and flying freedom of the Lochs and Highlands, where he ended up gaining my Commercial qualifications. Thereafter, Flight Instructing offered the perfect opportunity to further his knowledge and skill within the industry.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get flying!


Ian Buchan - Instructor

Ian gained his PPL in 1993 at Sherwood Flying Club at Tollerton Airfield near Nottingham. He then flew thereafter for 15 years as a hobby, including flying safari trips, with his family, around Australia, Canada and the US. After early retirement in 2008 Ian spent the next two years training as an EASA SEP Flight Instructor, he quotes ''a tough, but enjoyable and rewarding experience''. Ian then instructed for 4 years at Sherwood Flying Club and has spent the last three years at Perth after moving back to his home country.

Dave Findlay - Instructor

Dave first took wing in 1971, as he quotes ''just after the aeroplane was invented'' Dave has been instructing since 2006 and, he says flying is a true passion of his and will always be with him!

Jeremy Hawksworth - Instructor

Jeremy is a part time flying instructor with ACS. He also works as an airline pilot flying the B737NG around Europe. 

Sheldon Cholwich - Instructor

After completing his Multi engine Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilots Licence Course in South Africa he travelled to Greece to convert his ICAO license to EASA. Sheldon wanted to further develop his skills and knowledge and joined ACS Aviation as an instructor and as such, want to share his experience with students who are hoping to take their first steps towards an exciting career.

Tom Hall - Instructor

Tom is a part time instructor for ACS Flight Training and is also fortunate enough to fly the Boeing 737 commercially. 4000 hours flight time, including around 2500 instructional. Tom enjoys all aspects of general aviation flying and his flight experience includes sea plane and tail wheel flying.

Andi Howie - Instructor

Andi started flying in 1993 when he used a bank loan meant for a car to pay for a PPL. He worked his way up to an ATPL and has flown the B737 commercially around Europe, The Middle East, Africa and India. His flying focus is now on instructing and hopefully passing his knowledge and experience to future aspiring pilots and having fun whilst doing it. ''I love adventure, travel and new experiences and flying allows me to have all of that everytime''.
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